Student Spotlight
Thanks to WELFund's HCW Conference Scholarships, WELFund sponsored six students in Leadership Greater Hartford’s Leading Off Campus program. WELFund is proud that three of the sponsored students are members of the WELCorps Leaders Program: Regina Seweryn, Shanice Anderson, and Devyn Kangas.

WELCorps Student Leader Regina Seweryn ’17

Regina Seweryn ’17
“My participation in Leading Off Campus (LOC) has led me to be a more active participant in the community. This challenging experience has shown me all of what Hartford has to offer to the community. The task force I am on chose to focus on spreading what we have learned to other college students. Our goal is to promote Hartford by getting more people to visit. In the end, our project hopefully will encourage students to stay in Hartford when they graduate. The way we plan to do this is to have an event for colleges around us in downtown Hartford. At this event, we home to have local restaurants provide samples, local shops promote their products, and local employers engaged in meeting the young crowd. Working with the 24 students selected from colleges has been a great experience, and I am so excited to be involved in this program. Thank you, WELFund, for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to become involved with LOC.”

WELCorps Student Leader Shanice Anderson ‘17

Shanice Anderson ’17
“My experience in the Leading Off Campus (LOC) program has been phenomenal so far. I have met great people, both colleagues and advisers, who are helping me and others to build our leadership and community engagement skills. My project for the LOC program is to promote future learning by motivating others and raising awareness of the opportunities that higher education has to offer. We are also informing high school students about what is necessary for them to be doing now to prepare for college. LOC has broadened my horizons by introducing me to the hidden beauty of the capital city, Hartford, as well as showing me what needs our attention in the city to make it even better. There are so many things I didn’t realize were a part of Hartford's history, even though as I am a Hartford resident and have been for 20 years of my life. I hope to continue to learn and network with my inspiring colleagues and enjoy all that my capital city has to offer.”


WELCorps Student Leader Devyn Kangas ’17 (in yellow) working on a project with her LOC task force.

Devyn Kangas ’17
"I am very thankful for the scholarship WELFund has granted me to be a part of Leading Off Campus. It is allowing me to grow as a leader by working with a task force composed of students from various Hartford-area colleges and universities. My task force is focused on combatting chronic absenteeism in Hartford Public schools by engaging parents and connecting them to the ample resources available to them in Hartford."

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