The Impact of Your Annual Gift

Giving increases national rankings. Giving even the smallest amount helps to increase one of the most important, yet easy to change, measurements. This measure of the percentage of graduates who give back is one of the simplest ways we can all come together and affect the University of Hartford’s rankings nationally. It doesn’t take a big donation to be counted. Giving any amount makes you a donor, and the more donors we have, the better. If you want to help UHart continue to grow, this is the easiest reason for giving back whatever you can afford, no matter how much or how little. Because even the smallest amount counts a lot.

Return on investment. Your contributions are used to achieve a number of things here at the University of Hartford—build facilities, hire faculty, offer scholarships, and attract more qualified students. These accomplishments collectively increase the value of your own University of Hartford degree. And that recognition is something we all gain anytime our alma mater comes up, whether in conversation or an interview.

Recruiting faculty. It is the people who matter the most. The most important investment we can make as an institution isn’t in any one building or some new technology. It’s attracting highly qualified faculty to help our students dig down and mine their full potential. That’s why we’re continually trying to recruit and retain talented professors with advanced degrees in their fields. Offering great professors is the surest and quickest way to improve our students' and our reputation as a university.

Recruiting students. A university’s lifeblood is its students. Ours hold the potential growth and the reputation of the University within them. The better job we can do of attracting students, the better off we will be collectively. Prospective students with good grades, with high character and even greater potential, are what we’re looking for. The more we have to offer talented students, the more gifted students we’ll attract. The more talented students we attract, the better our institution’s reputation. The better our institution’s reputation, the more valuable your own University of Hartford degree.

Infrastructure. Our commitment to small class sizes means we simply need more classrooms to allow for the hands-on learning and one-on-one attention we seek to provide for every student. This approach helps our students grow faster and go further than they would at other schools. To make it work, we need our facilities to keep pace—to allow for these interactions in better classrooms, labs, and studios. And since tuition only covers about 75 percent of our operational costs, donations like yours play an important role.

Immediacy. At the University of Hartford, we are actively using the funds you provide to sustain growth that’s going on right now all across our campus. This is an exciting time at UHart. Our University is full of opportunity and tremendous potential for growth. We’re in the process of writing our history, of becoming the institution we have it in us to become. It's a history we can, and will, continue to shape together—one facility, one scholarship, one professor, and one dollar at a time.

Engaging students. We actively encourage you to share your time and expertise with current students and fellow alumni. Whether it’s offering career advice, sponsoring internships, or serving as a mentor for students, there are many ways you can donate your time. Learn how you can volunteer to assist current University of Hartford students and other alumni by educating them about your career field.

Now it’s your turn.

Think about the opportunities you and your classmates had to study with great professors, to pursue exciting internships, and to forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Perhaps You didn’t realize it then, but many of these activities were made possible by annual alumni giving. By continuing this cycle of giving with your annual gift now, you can have a hands-on impact on the future success of the next generation of UHart alumni.