Julie Handler Winick
Member at Large


University of Hartford Degree Info: 
B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education, 2007

Other Degree Info:
M.A. Special Education, University of Saint Joseph, 2012

Current Career Info:
Special Education teacher, self-contained K-2 autistic class, East Hartford Public Schools, 2013–present

Past Career Info: 

High Road School, Hartford, Conn.
Special Education teacher, second and fourth grades

Gaffney Elementary School, New Britain, Conn.
Special Education teacher, kindergarten and first grades


Jefferson and Northend Elementary Schools, New Britain, Conn.
Special Education teacher, kindergarten, second, and fourth grades


Grace S. Webb School, Hartford, Conn.
Special Education teacher, sixth, seventh, and eigth grades


Community Service:
My husband (Daniel Winick) and I are active in our synagogue young adult community. We also support several local and national charities: Walk Now for Autism Speaks and Race for the Cure. I also volunteer at an after school program to assist middle students on homework.

Why do you volunteer for the University of Hartford and the Alumni Association? Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater?
The University of Hartford has given me countless opportunities to develop my communication, leadership and professional skills. Volunteering at the University of Hartford is a great way to network with others, especially within your profession. I am inspired by current university students and I want to make their educational experiences as rich as possible by including alumni in as many roles as possible within university life.  I think it is important for grads to volunteer their time because no one can provide more insight into the experiences than those who have gone through them themselves. I am proud of my school and the education I received here and am more than willing to give back to that community and stay connected.

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