Mary P.  Volovski Murphy
Governance Committee Chair

University of Hartford Degree Info:
2004 A&S School of Communication, with an emphasis in journalism

Past Career Info:
I spent 16 years at MSNBC after graduating from the University of Hartford. I've produced several shows for the network including The Cycle, Andrea Mitchell Reports, The Daily Rundown and The Dylan Ratigan Show.

Other University of Hartford activities/volunteer service:
As a student, I was heavily involved with STN and the TV studio. I was a Red Cap and also a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honor Society

Community Service:
My husband (Shawn Murphy ’04) and I are very active in our Church communities in Madison, NJ. We also support several local and national charities including the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark, NJ, Oxfam America and the Red Cross of Northern New Jersey.

Why do you volunteer for the University of Hartford and the Alumni Association? Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater?
It's important for me as an alumna to give back because I believe my education from the University of Hartford helped prepare me for my career. Because of that, I want to build upon the alumni network that is already going strong. University of Hartford alumni are everywhere and I believe the Alumni Association is a powerful tool both professionally and personally.

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