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October 2016

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Hawk Hatchlings    Weddings



PAUL ROWEAN (Barney), M’74 (BARNEY) of Portland, Conn., has written a new book, titled “Lean Ideatown.”  It explores the way 70 percent of new products introduced do not meet customer expectations and are taken off the market within three years.

of Bloomfield, Conn., has written her first book.  “The Option: a Memoir of Suicide, Mystery and Finding Our Way,” which captures per personal journey after the loss of her daughter, Kristina, to suicide.  Karin is a communications consultant.

Stahl '73

Novelist GWENDOLYN CAHILL (A&S) of Petersburg, Va., has two books available through Tate Publishing.  “Out of Love” is a comical romantic novel, while “They Shall Swoop” is a fictional detective novel.

Cahill '80

of Douglaston, N.Y.has enjoyed a career as an administrative assistant and City employee for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.  In that role she has transcribed reports for psychologists, and has assisted clinics with various administrative duties such as scheduling cases and interfacing with human resources.  Astrid was trained as a legal and administrative secretary in the 1980s, working for non-profit organizations and law firms.

Jarvis '86

In November of 2015, RICHARD KACICH M (BARNEY) moved to New Mexico to become deputy director at Los Alamos National Laboratory, one of the premier institutions in the nation.  Previously, he was an assistant project manager for WTP in Richard, Wash., manager of licensing and nuclear safety for the Yucca Mountain Project in Nev. and President of Yankee Atomic Electric Company.  Kacich has 40 years of nuclear industry experience in the private and public sectors.


Kordansky '00

NASA has teamed with JAVIER COLON (HARTT) of West Hartford, Conn., to create a new music video co-performed with Matt Cusson.  The new song, “The Moon and More,” was inspired by the Luna Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission, and produced in collaboration with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and veteran producer/editor David Ladd.  The song and video focuses on the inspirational nature of studying the moon.


Gallerist DAVID KORDANKSY (HAS) of Los Angeles, Calif. was recently interviewed in a Q&A by in October.  He spoke about the revitalization of the Los Angeles art scene, and how galley owners like himself have been working to bring the West Coast back to international preeminence.    



MEREDITH VILLWOCK (HAS) of Durham, Conn., had her photography displayed at Perk on Main in Middletown in October.


KELLY TREMAINE M (BARNEY) of Westerly, Conn., was named associate publisher of the Westerly Sun, the Mystic River Press and the South County Press.  He will be responsible for local business operations and community relations of the Sun Media Group.


2007 published a “Talk” with painter SAM McKINNISS (HAS) of New York, N.Y.  The article, focusing on his life and work, was titled “It Has to be Tragic or Somewhat Manic-Despressive: A Talk with Sam McKinniss.”



RYAN SPEEDO GREEN (HARTT) of Tallahassee, Fla., appeared in the October 17 issue of People Magazine.  The story talked about his new book, titled “Sing for Your Life,” that tells the story of his life, from troubled youth to renowned opera star.


KYLE JENSEN M (A&S) of Caledonia, Ill., has published a science fiction novel.  “An Evolution of Men,” which answers the questions - what does it take to walk on water, raise the dead, manipulate matter, and have command over nature?  In his novel, a group of neuroscientists believe themselves to have found the answer.


BAYLA ARIETTA (HAS) of New Haven, Conn., was commissioned by the Peabody Museum of Natural History to paint a Deinonychus dinosaur, or what Jurassic Park audiences would know as a “Velociraptor,” on an oil tank at the entrance of New Haven harbor.  The Peabody has also commissioned Arietta for a long-term project – illustrations for its Discovery room which houses modern day living creatures like poison dart frogs, snakes, hissing cockroaches and ants, to name just a few.



BRIAN COOK (HARTT) of Levittown, N.Y., has launched an augmented reality platform called Oak on Kickstarter in November.  Oak is a dock for a phone that enables apps to interact with physical objects like toys, trading cards and more.


ALYSSA DEFENDI (A&S) of Middletown, Conn., joined Yahoo’s Boston Office as an account coordinator.  She will be running PCC campaigns for their retail vertical.


AMANDA K. ERNEST (A&S) of Westfield, Mass.was promoted to manager of visitor and volunteer experience at the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, Conn.




With a time of 18:06, former UHart track student-athlete SARA BUCKLEY (A&S) of Guilderland, N.Y., won the women’s 5K (among 1,952 finishers) at the Eversource Hartford (Conn.) Marathon October 8.



Schroyer '13, Keegan '13

Vasseur M'05

KAITLYN SCHROYER ’13 (A&S) and THOMAS KEEGAN ’13 (A&S) were married September 25 in Simsbury, Conn.  Kaitlyn is a copy editor for a daily newspaper and Thomas is a graphic designer.  The couple live in Newington, Conn.  Alumni also in attendance at the wedding were Jennifer Sharp ’14 and Sam Dick ’09. 


HEATHER VASSEUR M’05 (ENHP) and Jeffrey Lallo of Westerly, R.I., were married August 6 at Saint Bernard’s Church in Enfield, Conn.  Heather is an elementary teacher at the University of Hartford Magnet School and is also an EMT-9 for American Medical Response.  Jeffrey works as a carpenter at Electric Boat in Groton, Conn.  The couple resides in Enfield, Conn.       


Hawk Hatchlings

Murphy '04

MARY ’04 (A&S) and SHAWN ’04 (A&S) MURPHY of Madison, N.J.,welcomed their first child, Grace Mae Murphy, on October 14, 2016.    


KELLY WILSON MOORE ’07 (CETA) and her husband, Keith, of Houston, TX, welcomed a daughter, Eleanor Carolina, on July 15, 2016.