Networking and Professional Development Series for Women

The University of Hartford Alumni Association, Women's Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund), and the Women’s Business Center have created the Breakfast Breakthrough speaker series for UHart alumnae and women in the community. Meet other women, build relationships with the UHart network, and join engaging conversations. All Breakfast Breakthroughs will be held in the 1877 in Harry Jack Gray Center at the University of Hartford.


2014–15 Schedule
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Oct. 28

8–10 a.m.

Finding & Reconnecting with Your Passions
Speakers: Amy Jaffe Barzach, WELFund director and Alex Coury ’08, MBA’10, WELFund program manager
Do you consider yourself successful, but still sense that something is missing? All too often, that “something” is passion. As children, finding and expressing our passion comes easily, however that ease fades as we grow. Our passions have the ability to energize, and to add to our thirst for life. Join us and learn how to find or rekindle your passion in this hands-on session.

Nov. 19

8–10 a.m.

The Art of Self-Promotion
Speaker: Lynn Baronas, assistant director, student and alumni engagement
The art of promoting one’s accomplishments is essential to personal satisfaction and career progression, yet self-promotion can sometimes be a daunting task for women. According to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), “The guy on my left thinks he’s awesome, and so does the guy on my right. If I think I am, and don’t promote it, I’m behind.” In this Breakthrough, we will focus on the delicate art of self-promotion including the different ways men and women think and talk about their accomplishments as well as offer suggestions on how to be mindful and authentic when speaking about your capabilities and achievements.

March 25

8–10 a.m.

Work Life Rhythm
Speaker: Jennifer Sanborn
Each of us has a unique approach to choreographing the priorities and responsibilities of our lives. Far from establishing a fixed state where everything feels balanced, work-life is about understanding who you are and how you work and live best. Join us for an interactive, personally-focused conversation on appreciating your work-life rhythm and how you change and adapt through the seasons of your life.

April 21

8–10 a.m.

Work $mart
Speaker: $tart $mart
One year after graduation, women earn just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn, and the gender wage gap widens over the next 10 years, according to AAUW research. A woman graduating today will earn roughly $1 million less over the course of her career than her male counterpart. Negotiating salaries is a challenge for women at all stages of their careers because women are less likely than men to ask for the pay they deserve. $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops, a collaboration between AAUW and the WAGE Project, empower college women to overcome the gender wage gap and teach them to benchmark and negotiate for a fair and equitable salary when they enter the job market.