John M. Jaramillo
Barney School Liaison

University of Hartford Degree Info: 
Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, 2009
Master in Business Administration (Candidate), Anticipated Graduation Spring 2015

Other Degree Info:
BA in Business, Marketing, Hofstra University, 2000

Current Career Info:
Founder, Coach It Out, LLC, a multi-service leadership coaching firm;
Principal Budget Specialist, State of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management

Past Career Info:
Client Service Manager at Hartford Direct, Berlin, CT

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Foundation, Hartford, CT
Marketing Research Analyst at Ziment Associates, Inc., New York City

Community Service:
I have volunteered at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Radiothons, charity golf tournaments, and Miracle Rides.

Why do you volunteer for the University of Hartford and the Alumni Association? Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater?
My pride in the University began with my appreciation for my instructors and fellow students in both of my graduate programs. It was not only the academic side of the learning, but the personal investment by everyone in the classroom and the university.  Because of that experience I decided to participate more in giving back to the University community. In addition to serving as the Dean's Liaison for the Barney School of Business, I also volunteer in undergraduate career ready programs in order to relay the support and advantages I was afforded in my own learning process and programs. The rewards I felt as a student is what I would like others in the community feel—the passion and support in the academic community.

Participation on the part of the alumni—the true dedication and service to make sure their university succeeds and evolves toward improvement and greater prominence – will pay dividends to the future of the programs and University environment, from which we have all learned so much, as well as the surrounding community, which can thrive off of the success of such a great and influential institution as the University of Hartford.

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