Alumni Board of Directors

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Hartford Alumni Association is to promote lifelong relationships between current and future alumni and the University of Hartford; to support and sustain the objectives of the University; and to serve as an advocate for the University and its alumni.

All UHart alumni are members of the Alumni Association and represented by the Alumni Board of Directors. This dedicated group of volunteers comes together with one goal in mind—the continued success of the University of Hartford.

Interested in serving on the Alumni Board, or know of a deserving candidate? Submit a nomination. Note that nominations for Board positions beginning on July 1, in fiscal year 2018, closed on January 3. For more information contact us at

Carolyn Reibling Bligh ’87

Immediate Past President

Bernard Kavaler ’79, M’88

Vice President
Amy Ekross Quigley ’93


John Jaramillo M’09

Governance Committee Chair
Mary P. Murphy ’04

Board of Regents (ex officio)
Paul A. Sittard ’85

School/College Liaisons
David Bosso M’04 (ENHP)
Karen Botcheller ’03 (A&S)
Jolie Rocke Brown '89 (Hartt)
Michaela Catallozzi '11 (CETA)
Mandy Gerstein A ’05, ’07 (Hillyer)
Nicholas Milluzzo '14 (Barney)
Naomi Lerner Tussin ’77, P’12,  P ’15 (HAS)

Director, Communications and Social Media
Matthew Cooke ’10

Director, Career/Networking
Maureen Fulton Leathers ’05

Director, Student and Young Alumni
Ben Accardo '12

Director, Regional Activity
Elite Rubin ‘98

Members at Large
Anthony Barrett '03
Paul Brand ’02
Amy Edney '94
Laura Dinan Haber ’07
Sharae O. Lewis-Hunter ’13
Kerrie Lane Sullivan ‘93
Kaitlin M. Walsh ’02, M’04
Julie Handler Winick A’06,’07

Student Representatives
Nicole Doucette ’17
Marianne Sayamath ’17