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March 2016


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BEVERLY WEURDING A (BARNEY), 78 years young, is the founder and CEO of the Wheelchair Dancers Organization.  She is active in bringing all-inclusive individuals dance classes throughout San Diego and Southern California.

Weurding '57

MARY BLAKE A (HCW) of Paris, France, is an accomplished painter who has an art blog (  She is a former New York avant garde artist who has made Paris her home for many years.  Mary is a citizen of the village of Montmartre.

Blake '66


The Wykeham Consort, featuring ANDREW LAFRENIERE (HARTT), M’85 (HARTT) of Bethlehem, Conn., as one of five band members, was profiled in a article in March.  Andrew plays guitar for the band who is known for featuring Renaissance music.


KEITH FROME (A&S) of Amherst, N.Y., the CEO and Co-Founder of College Summit was featured in a PBS NewsHour segment in March.  He spoke to the power of College Summit’s peer-drive model, and its impact on college enrollment and persistence in making a college education possible for students from low-income communities across the nation.

Frome '82



Dr. DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY (A&S) of Scarsdale, N.Y., was appointed the new chair of the Department of Family Medicine at UConn Health.  He will also serve as professor of family medicine at the UConn School of Medicine.  In addition, Dr. Montgomery will chair the family medical service at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill, Inc.   


DWIGHT EDWARDS A’86 (WARD), (WARD) of Boise, Idaho was the keynote speaker in January at the Toastmaster’s Leadership Institute’s District 15, Division A gathering titled Crisp Clear Cool Communication.  He spoke in celebration of Black History Month.  Dwight is a distinguished toastmaster and has delivered thousands of speeches to corporations, non-profits, and universities on topics ranging from how to develop self-esteem to overcoming the fear of public speaking.



PHILIP FARACI (ENHP) of Middletown, Conn., created and performed the music for the Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater’s (Middletown, Conn.) production of “A Comedy of Errors” that ran in March.  The Shakespeare’s classic farce was re-imagined with circus acts, clowns, masks and careening confusions.



Morgan Stanley has promoted RW “REGINALD” MARTIN (BARNEY) of Hong Kong to executive director.  In his role, he will be responsible for the BYOD, VDI, Remote Access and Cloud global strategies as they apply to the delivery of desktop application virtualization to 60,000-plus users worldwide.

Martin '91



TONY ORMOND (HARTT) performed with Dionne Warwick H’86, Esperanza Spalding and Valerie Simpson for the Let Freedom Ring celebration of Black History Month in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

of Mount Pleasant, S.C., is the orchestra director at the Charleston County School of the Arts.  Under his leadership, the School was named this year’s ASTA National Orchestra Festival Grand Champion in Tampa Fla.








Reilly '95

MARY LAWRENCE M (A&S) of Wethersfield, Conn., has opened a vegan wellness center in Hartford called “Ahimsa Health and Harmony.”  She is an expert in the health and wellness industry, a speaker at conferences across the country and a frequent guest on radio and television programs.  Mary is a cooking instructor, food blogger and author of Easy Peasy Vegan Eats. 

ERIC MCPHERSON (HARTT) of New York N.Y., performed on drums at the Vermont Jazz Center March 12 as a member of legendary jazz pianist’s Fred Hersch working trio.

LUKE REILLY (ENHP) of Glastonbury, Conn., was featured in a Journal Inquirer article which touted him as a “State-of-the-Art” coach.  The former point for the Hawks won his second State Championship at East Catholic H.S. (Conn.) this year.


The works of MATTHEW BEST (HAS) of Manchester, Conn. and MARGARET VAUGHN ’12 (HAS) were featured in an exhibition of collage works curated by Melanie Carr of the New Britain Museum of America Art in March.



ANDREW MAYO M (HARTT) of West Hartford, Conn., wrote the music and lyrics for the Poppins Children’s Theatre production of “Caught in the Middle” performed in West Hartford, Conn. in March.  Andrew has been teaching music in Connecticut since 1997, and in 2011 became the Supervisor for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts for West Hartford (Conn.) Public Schools.




JEFF TRELEWICZ (A&S) of North Haven, Conn., released his fourth book, titled, “The Time Traveler Journal.”

Trelewicz '99


Pianist YOSHIKO SATO GDP (HARTT), AD’92 (HARTT) of Bennington, Vt., along with Christopher Lewis, performed three Beethoven piano sonatas on March 12 at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vt.  It was the first of a musical odyssey that will feature the pair playing all 32 Beethoven sonatas in eight concerts at multiple venues throughout southwest Vermont.


PAUL BRAND A’02 (A&S), (CETA) of Hartford, Conn., is now senior engineer at GM2 Associates, Inc.  He is a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.




Numerous HARTT School alumni took center stage at the “Broadways Sessions” performances at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York, N.Y. March 21.  “Broadway Sessions” is a zany, musical theatre variety show that takes place every Thursday.  Among those performing that night were RICHARD BARTH (HARTT) from Canon City, Colo., CHRISTINE DWYER ’07 (HARTT) from Brooklyn, N.Y., DOUGLAS LYONS ’09 (HARTT) from New Haven, Conn., JAMAL SHURIAH ’10 (HARTT) from Great Neck, N.Y. and ZOE KASSAY ’11 from New York, N.Y. 

MICHAEL SHAHANI D (HARTT) of Walnut Creek, Calif., was featured in  Michael directs the Cinnabar Singers, a chorale group associated with Petaluma’s Cinnabar Theater.  He also teaches a wide range of music classes at the City College of San Francisco.  Michael is an award-winning composer, director and teacher.  

Composer and harpist BRANDEE YOUNGER (HARTT) of Uniondale, N.Y., was featured by WNPR in an on-line article that celebrated her “outside the box” approach to playing the harp.  Brandee, who recently released an album titled “Wax & Wane,” was described as a “boldly independent harpist and composer who creates a genre-crossing, smart, soulful, free-wheeling and happy hybrid of hipness.”




Younger '06


Connecticut agency Mintz + Hoke has announced the promotion of CHRISTINE MATONTI (ENHP) of Highland Mills, N.Y., to the position of human resource and business development manager.  In this role, Christine is responsible for overseeing the agency's payroll, benefits and training programs.  As a member of the new business development team, she is responsible for coordinating proposal responses and supporting the agency’s strategic growth initiatives.


Matonti '10

JOSHUA LONG (HARTT) of Bangor, Pa., was the band leader for the Bellefonte Community Band (group of more than 50 volunteer musicians) that presented a concert March 13 on the campus of the Penn State University campus.  The concert saluted the Golden Age of Bands.  




Hawk Hatchlings:
Births and Adoptions